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Diablo IV: How to Complete A Plague of Hatred Quest



Diablo IV: How to Complete A Plague of Hatred Quest (Walkthrough)

A Plague of Hatred is the second main quest of Season of Malignant, Diablo IV. After completing the Burning from Within quest, players will unlock a new ally named Cormond who will have his own separate Workbench where players can learn to craft various Malignant Invokers. This quest will introduce players to the new crafting items and the usage of Malignant Invoker at the new Malignant Tunnels in the World of Hatred.

This guide covers all the objectives of the A Plague of Hatred quest that players will have to complete to progress further in the storyline of Season of Malignant, Diablo IV.

A Plague of Hatred – Quest Walkthrough

To get on with the quest, players must start it first at the new location of Cormond. Players need to start the quest by interacting with him and complete the rest of the objectives to complete the quest. All of the objectives of A Plague of Hatred are described down below.

Start the Quest

Cormond has traveled to the Dry Steppes region and he can be found at his new camp which is outside of Orbei. The fastest way to get there is to fast travel to Ked Bardu Waypoint in Dry Steppes and then ride in the south direction to come out of Orbei. Cormond’s camp will be on the right side while coming out of Orbei. Talk to Cormond to start the quest and learn about Malignant Tunnels where players will find most of Malignant enemies.

Start the Quest

Defeat Malignant in the Ravening Pit

Ravening Pit is the first Malignant Tunnel that players will get to enter and it is located in the Southeast direction from Cormond’s Workbench outside of Orbei. Open the map to place a waypoint on the quest marker and then use the Mount to reach the Ravening Pit quickly. Upon reaching the Ravening Pit, interact with it to enter the Malignant Tunnel and make your way along the path to find Malignant Corruption.

There will be a couple of Malignant enemies that players can take down along the path to capture the Malignant Hearts. Reaching the end point of the tunnel will reveal Malignant Corruption that players will have to destroy to get Malignant Ichors. Defeat the rest of the enemies in the area and use the fast travel to get back to Ked Bardu Waypoint.

Defeat Malignant in the Ravening Pit

Craft Brutal Malignant Invoker

Go back to Cormond’s location outside of Orbei to use his workbench to craft Brutal Malignant Invoker. Cormond’s Workbench is placed beside the Stash that players need to interact with and select the Malignant Invoker items. Select the Brutal Malignant Invoker to craft which will cost several Malignant Ichors and 1,000 Gold.

Find a Brutal Overgrowth and Use Invoker on it

Ride in the south direction to reach Dindai Hollow which is another Malignant Tunnel. Players need to enter the tunnel to find a Brutal Overgrowth and use the Brutal Invoker on it. Go towards the north direction to enter a path with mild corruption and keep following it until you have reached the Brutal Overgrowth.

Find a Brutal Overgrowth and Use Invoker on it

There will be two overgrowths, Wrathful Overgrowth and Brutal Overgrowth. Players need to interact with Brutal Overgrowth to use the Brutal Malignant Invoker on it. It will conclude the quest at this point but players should take down the invoked Malignant enemy to get a special Caged Heart with certain synergies.

That is all related to A Plague of Hatred quest of Season of Malignant, Diablo IV.

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