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Diablo IV: How to Defeat the Butcher (Boss Guide)



How to Defeat Butcher – Easily (Pillar and Arch Method)

The Butcher is a random Dungeon Boss that spawns in random dungeons throughout the World of Sanctuary. There is no actual spawn time for this boss as it can spawn anywhere in the dungeon even instead of the main boss of the dungeon who you are trying to hunt down. The boss itself does not look too hard but it is one of the toughest bosses in the game and it can kill you pretty easily if you are not tackling him throughout the fight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat the Butcher in Diablo 4.

How to Defeat the Butcher in Diablo 4

One of the first things that we want to lay out in the open is that if players are trying to hunt down the Butcher, they need to go in numbers. Soloing this boss can be extremely difficult because it can literally spawn anywhere in the dungeon and can catch you off guard while you are trying to fight the normal enemies of the dungeon. While completing the dungeons, always go with another player or with a group of players to increase the chances of defeating the Butcher.

Now, with that out of the way, the Butcher has a Cleaver and a Hook as weapons which makes a lot of sense but he has a very unique way of using them. In order to defeat the Butcher, we have listed some tips down below that can be useful against the Butcher and his attacks.

  • As the Butcher Spawns in the Dungeon, players should use the ranged attacks on him to deal damage from a distance. However, players will have to be at a safe distance from him which would be half of their screen. Because if players go out of the range of the Butcher where they cannot see Butcher on their screen, Butcher will ultimately charge himself to the players which can stun them. Another attack that Butcher does when players go out of range is that he throws a perfect hook on the player’s position and pulls the player to Butcher which also stuns the player.
  • Players also need to avoid getting to much close to the Butcher because Butcher has a Headbutt attack that can stun the players near him. If players are caught by the headbutt, they will stun for a few seconds and will be vulnerable to any attack. Players need to stay at a safe distance which would be not too far and not too close. If there are three to four players fighting the Butcher then one of the players can stick close to Butcher to deal Melee Damage while others use ranged attacks to deal damage to Butcher. But the close player also has to back out from time to time to not get killed.
  • The Butcher has two triangles in his HP, meaning he will drop Healing Potions after every triangle. Players need to pick up the healing potions to keep their health full throughout the fight. However, it can be a low number of potions so, in order to get more healing potions throughout the fight, keep moving in the dungeon and open the chests along the way. While fighting the Butcher in the dungeon, the chests will automatically drop healing potions.
Diablo IV: How to Defeat the Butcher (Boss Guide)

How to Defeat Butcher – Easily (Pillar and Arch Method)

The steps that we have listed earlier were the regular efficient steps that players should consider while fighting the Butcher. However, there is another easy method to obliterate the Butcher and that is using the Pillars and Archways in the dungeon. As Butcher will only spawn in the dungeon, there are a number of pillars and arches that you will come around in different areas and rooms of the dungeon.

Players need to lead the butcher to the pillar or arch and then kite him around the structure. It will not only stop Butcher from Headbutting the players but it will also stop him from using any range attacks because the players would be in the range of the Butcher. Simply use the Range or Melee Attacks on Butcher and as he gets aggressive on you, start kiting him around the structure. While one player is kiting the butcher, other players can use the range attacks to melt down the butcher from a distance. When he gets aggressive with another player, then that player should start kiting the butcher around the structure.

Solo players can use this method to defeat Butcher but it does take a longer time to defeat Butcher on your own. The player will not be dealing a high number of damage while moving around the structure but the player will also be not getting hit by the Butcher. The fight can take up to 10 minutes while soloing Butcher but in the end, you will get to defeat him with ease.

How to Defeat Butcher – Easily (Pillar and Arch Method)

That is all related to the Butcher Boss in Diablo 4. You can use the method you see as more suitable to defeat the Butcher the next time you see him in the dungeon.

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