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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Defeat Morbol (Boss Fight)



Final Fantasy XVI: Morbol Boss Fight

The World of Valisthea is filled with various creatures and enemies that Clive will get to engage with as players progress in the story of the game. One of the early main bosses and creatures that players will get to face is Morbol, a giant beast with vines and roots.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Morbol in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to Defeat Morbol in Final Fantasy XVI

Morbol is a strong enemy with a lot of HP and in order to take it down quickly, players would have to strike it with Eikon Abilities. As Eikon Abilities deal more physical damage as well as Stagger Damage, they are essential for breaking Morbol’s Will Gauge. Breaking down Will Gauge is the key to defeating Morbol and players will have to use the Eikon Feat and Eikon Abilities to deal more Stagger Damage to Morbol.

Try to stay close to Morbol and keep attacking it with normal melee attacks and magic and whenever the Eikon Ability is charged up, use it to deal more damage and reduce Will Gauge quickly. Keep moving around it to dodge its attacks and as the Will Gauge breaks and Morbol gets Staggered, hit it with every ability at your disposal to deal maximum damage.

Stagger Morbol.

After every stagger, Morbol will dive into the water to relocate its position and enter a cinematic fight sequence. In the Cinematic Fight Sequence, players must press the on-screen button to gain an advantage in the fight. There are two Cinematic Fight Sequences in Morbol Boss Fight, Cinematic Strike and Cinematic Evasion. In Cinematic Fight, players will have to press the Square Button as soon as it prompts on the screen before the time runs out to attack Morbol. In Cinematic Evasion, players will have to press the R1 Button as soon as it prompts on the screen before the time runs out to evade Morbol’s attack.  

Successfully completing the cinematic fight scenes will stagger Morbol and players will get the advantage to deal more damage to it before it recovers. These are all the basic fight tactics that players should approach to easily defeat Morbol.

Cinematic Evasion during Morbol's Boss Fight.

Morbol’s Attacks

Now, if we talk about Morbol’s Attacks then they are pretty easy to dodge. The basic attacks of Morbol are the following.

  • Vine Stomp: Morbol will strike down its vine on the ground. Simply, step to the side to dodge it.
  • Vines Strikes: Morbol will use vines to strike from the left side as well as from the right side. Evade in the back direction to dodge.
  • Vines Clap: Morbol will use four vines to press anything in between them. Evade in the back direction to dodge.
  • Ground Stomp: Morbol will charge with its mouth open and stomp directly on the ground to create a bad aura around it. Get to a safe distance as soon as it starts charging with its mouth open.

The major attacks of Morbol that players need to evade at all costs are the following.

  • Bad Breath: Morbol will unleash its Bad Breath in a straight line. Evade the Bad Breath by stepping to its left or right side. While it is doing this attack, get close to it to hit Morbol with Eikon Abilities to deal damage.
  • Wild Rage: Morbol will charge toward Clive’s Position and players will have to run to the side to evade from the jumping dive of Morbol. Maintain your distance while Wild Rage and as soon as Morbol dive, evade the attack and then quickly use the Eikon Feat to get close to it and then punish it until it gets up again.
Morbol's Wild Rage Attack.

Make sure to use the Eikon Abilities as much as you can to keep breaking the Will Gauge of Morbol and then punishing it to quickly deplete its HP. That is all related to Morbol Boss Fight in Final Fantasy XVI.

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