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Final Fantasy XVI: How to Equip Eikon Abilities



Final Fantasy XVI: Equip Eikon Abilities

Eikons are Summons that can transform into creatures and grant unique abilities to Clive. Using Eikons’ Abilities is one of the crucial aspects of combat in Final Fantasy XVI and Clive will get blessings from different Eikons throughout the game to become their Dominant. It will allow various Eikons Abilities to Clive but in order to use them, players would have to equip them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Equip Eikon Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to Equip Eikon Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

At the start, Clive will be the only Dominant of Phoenix Eikon but as players progress through the main story, Clive will get the blessing of Garuda, Titan, and more. By getting the Blessings, their Eikon Abilities will unlock in the Abilities Tab in the menu. Players can go to the Abilities Tab to see which abilities they like and want to learn.

Unlock and Learn new Eikon Abilities.

Once players have unlocked the abilities, they would be able to equip the Eikon Abilities in the order they desire. In order to equip the abilities, follow the following steps.

  • Press the Options Button to open the Menu and then press the R2 Button to switch the tab to Gear & Eikons Tab.
  • There will be two menus in the tab, one for Gear Items and one for Eikons. Select the right-side menu which would be Eikons to select the Eikons and their unlocked abilities.
  • Each Eikon can only have two abilities set to it along with its Feat.
  • Select one of the abilities to Square Button and the other one to Triangle Button. Now, just repeat the process for the rest of the two Eikons.

There can only be three Eikons equipped at a time. In order to change or add Eikon, it should be replaced with another one. During the combat, the Eikon abilities can be performed by Holding down R2 Button and pressing the Square Button or Triangle Button. In order to change to another Eikon during combat, press the L2 Button and Clive will be able to perform the abilities of the respective Eikon.

Equip Eikon Abilities from Gear & Eikons Tab in the Menu.

The icon of the currently equipped Eikon can be seen on the top left corner of the screen right next to Clive’s Level and HP.

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