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Diablo IV: How to Start Season of Blood



Diablo IV - Start Season of Blood

Diablo IV’s new season, Season of Blood is now live with a new questline that centers on Zir of the Ancients. A new danger walks the town and cities of World of Sanctuary that players must prevent by teaming up with a new companion Erys, a Vampire Hunter. This new questline is only available in the Season of Blood for which players must enter the Seasonal Realm to pursue and progress in the storyline of Season of Blood.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to start Season of Blood in Diablo IV.

How to Start Season of Blood in Diablo IV

Season of Blood is the second season of Diablo IV started right after the Season of Malignant. If you haven’t played the Season of Malignant then you might wonder how you can start and play the new season. There are certain requirements for each season in Diablo IV and Season of Blood is no different. To start the Season of Blood in Diablo IV, you must follow through the following steps.

  • The first and foremost requirement for you to start the Season of Blood is to complete the main campaign of Diablo IV. Once you have completed the main campaign, you will be able to follow through the questline of the new season in the Seasonal Realm.
  • Season of Blood can only be pursued in the Seasonal Realm. You will play the campaign in the Eternal Realm which is the main realm in Diablo IV and whenever a new season starts, Seasonal Realm activates in which you have to create a new character.
  • To enter the Seasonal Realm, go to the home screen of the game and create a new character. It will open a new window requiring you to select a Realm for the Hero, you need to select the Seasonal Realm. After that, select a class of your choice and customize it. When you are on the last screen of creating the seasonal character, make sure to select the option to skip the campaign (only available if you have completed a campaign with any one of your characters).
  • Once you have created the Seasonal Character, you will start in Ked Bardu, a town in the Dry Steppes region. From here, you need to interact with the board outside of Magistrate and talk to Oren inside the Magistrate to start the ‘Blood Money’ quest, the initial quest of Season of Blood.

Now, you just have to follow through the main series of quests to pursue the story of Season Blood. Keep in mind several main quests also have some Seasonal Requirements so, make sure to complete them from time to time to unlock them.

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