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Wizard With A Gun: How to Craft a Wooden Gun



Wizard with a gun - Wooden gun

Wizard With A Gun embarks players on a journey to explore the unknown world destroyed by a Chaos named Shatter. Shatter has destroyed the world and it is in your hands to roll back the time to reconstruct the world and stop Shatter from destroying the world. However, it is not possible without a gun as there are various enemies scattered around in each biome and several Chaos Monsters who will stop you from turning back time. There are four different types of guns that you will get to unlock by scanning a certain Gunslinger in a specific Biome but before you get to do that, you need to make yourself a Wooden Gun, a basic gun that every wizard knows how to make.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to craft a Wooden Gun in Wizard With A Gun.

How to Craft a Wooden Gun in Wizard With A Gun

The Wooden Gun is the very first gun that you will get while pursuing a mysterious adventure. You will get to start the journey in a mysterious biome where you will get to meet Cryptomancer, an NPC who will help you with the basic lore and key items of the game. Simply follow through the main starting quest and make your way ahead to reach the Tower. As you reach the Doorway to the Tower, you will have to activate it for which you need Arcana. To get the Arcana, the Cryptomancer will tell you to craft a Wooden Gun to take down the Chaos Monsters who drop the Arcana.

To craft the Wooden Gun, you need 5x Wood as resources. Get the wood by punching the trees or crates around the area. Once you have gathered 5x Wood, press the I Button to open the inventory and then open the Crafting Tab to find the Wooden Gun recipe. Select the Wooden Gun recipe and craft it using 5x Wood.

Crafting the Wooden Gun will add the gun to the Hotbar from where you can equip it by pressing the respective hotkey. The Wooden Gun also comes with 100 Destruction Bullets. Bullets play a crucial role in the game as they can be used to deal damage to any environmental items as well as enemies. As resources are gathered from destroying the environmental items, you need to manage the bullets accordingly and craft or refill more of them whenever needed.

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