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Wizard With A Gun – How to Get Arcana



Wizard with a gun - Arcana

Arcana is a magical substance and a useful resource in Wizard With A Gun that is used to open the Doorway in the biomes which can take you to the Tower, your safe place. The Tower is your home ground where you can use various machines and stations to unlock more recipes, build decorative buildings, turn back time, and much more. The Expeditions begin from the Tower so, you will be spending a decent amount of time at the Tower.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Arcana in Wizard With A Gun.

How to Get Arcana in Wizard With A Gun

Arcana can be obtained from two different methods in Wizard With A Gun.

  • Kill Chaos Monsters
  • Place items in Arcane Annihilator

Throughout your expeditions in different biomes, you will get to encounter Chaos Monsters. These are swirly creatures that spawn at random locations. Shoot the Chaos Monsters to defeat them to grab Arcana. However, there is a timer for apocalypse on top of the screen that you need to be aware of and when it hits zero, Chaos will start hunting you. Stand your ground and find a perfect spot for taking down the Chaos Monsters as they will drop more Arcana for you to grab.

You can farm Arcana whenever the Apocalypse begins but be careful as it will get difficult over time so, make sure that you have eyes on the doorway which can take you back to the Tower with all the Arcana you earned.

For the second method, you need to place the items you found throughout the expeditions inside the Arcane Annihilator. The machine destroys anything you place inside and turns it into Arcana. It does not give out a high amount of Arcana but as you progress and unlock higher-level biomes, the items you find in those biomes can give out a decent amount of Arcana.

Scout your inventory to see which items you need for crafting the recipes and which you don’t to turn them into Arcana. Total Arcana can be seen at the bottom of the screen, right above the backpack icon. If you have a high amount of Arcana, make sure to store it inside the Arcana Bank back at the Tower to be on the safe side because if you die in any of your expeditions, you will lose all of your items along with the Arcana you are holding.

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