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Wizard With A Gun: How to Repair the Research Mechana



Wizard With A Gun - Repair Research Mechana

Research Mechana is one of the crucial stations in Wizard With A Gun as it is used to expand your knowledge by upgrading the First Edition and researching deadlier bullets with certain effects. Upgrading the First Edition will allow you to scan more monsters, items, NPCs, and much more whereas researching the new bullets/spells will allow you to craft them at the Loading Bench to come up with your preferred build for the journey ahead.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to repair the Research Mechana in Wizard With A Gun.

How to Repair the Research Mechana in Wizard With A Gun

The Research Mechana is one of your Research Stations in Wizard With A Gun located at the Tower. The Tower serves as a hub where you can store your collected Arcana, craft bullets, and powders for the next expedition, place Gears in Chronomancer’s Wheel to turn back time, and much more. During your first quest, you will get to visit the Tower where you will find all sorts of Stations including the Research Mechana but you cannot use it until you repair it. Repairing the Research Mechana will cost you the following resources.

  • 5x Metal Scrap
  • 1x Arcane Tome

To get the resources, you need to go to your first expedition, The Imperium. Activate the Doorway inside the Tower by turning back the time to go to the Imperium biome and look for the Metal to get the Metal Scrap by breaking it. For the Arcane Tome, look for any magically oriented monster and defeat it. Every monster who is magically oriented will drop a single Arcane Tome except the Chaos Monsters.

Once you have gathered enough resources required for the repairing of Research Mechana, go through the same Doorway to reach the Tower. Interact with the Research Mechana to repair it with the required resources.

Now, you will be able to access the Repair Mechana to do your basic research and learn more crafting recipes.

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