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Wizard With A Gun: How to Upgrade First Edition



Wizard With A Gun - First Edition

Wizard With A Gun has various unique tool items that will help you throughout your journey of stopping the SHATTER from destroying the world. One of the most crucial tools in the game is First Edition. First Edition is a spellbook that you will find at The Tower during the prologue of the game. It is used to scan items, creatures, and decorative buildings across all biomes to get more knowledge and unlock new recipes.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to upgrade the First Edition in Wizard With A Gun.

How to Upgrade First Edition in Wizard With A Gun

The First Edition spellbook can only be upgraded at the Research Mechana located at the Tower. Once you have acquired the First Edition spellbook, go to the east side in the Tower area to find the broken Research Mechana. You need to first repair Research Mechana to access it to upgrade First Edition to enhance its potential. First Edition has two potential upgrades available right from the start at the Research Mechana and each upgrade will require a certain number of specific resources.

  • First Edition – Upgrade 1: Allows the First Edition to scan creatures.
    • 5x Arcane Tome
    • 5x Metal Scrap
  • First Edition – Upgrade 2: Allows the First Edition to scan decorative buildings.
    • 15x Arcane Tome
    • 5x Iron Ingot

Upgrade 1 can be unlocked right after your first expedition if you have gathered enough resources. However, for Upgrade 2, you need to at least have unlocked the Furnace to smelt the Metal Scrap to get Iron Ingot. Iron Ingot is a rare resource and can be obtained from enemies but in the Frozen Wastes biome which players unlock later in the game.

So, once you have the resources for upgrade 1 and upgrade 2, interact with the Research Mechana and select the First Edition to upgrade it with the required resources. It is recommended to at least get Upgrade 1 for the First Edition to scan the creatures because scanning various creatures will unlock more recipes for you regarding Guns, Potions, Bullets, and Powders.

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