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Wizard With A Gun: How to Unlock Furnace



Wizard WIth A Gun - Furnace

Crafting plays a crucial role in the overall progression of rebuilding the world and preventing the SHATTER from destroying the world in Wizard With A Gun. There are various stations that players will come across in the game that can be used to research new recipes, turn raw items into advanced resources, craft items, potions, guns, store Arcana, and much more. Each station has a certain use and players can use them to gain certain advantages in their expeditions. One of the most useful stations in Wizard With A Gun is Furnace which allows players to smelt various types of Scrap into more advanced resources which then can be used for newer recipes.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock Furnace in Wizard With A Gun.

How to Unlock Furnace in Wizard With A Gun

Furnace is one of the stations that can be found around the SHATTER in all of the biomes. Once you have completed the prologue of the game and rolled back the time, you will be required to start the expedition at the Imperium biome. It will start a 5-minute timer before the Apocalypse starts from the moment you enter the Imperium biome. After starting the expedition, your main objective would be to find the Gear pieces to roll back the time further to progress in the main storyline but you are free to explore the biome as well.

The stations found in each biome are randomly placed every time you start an expedition but to get a guaranteed Furnace in your very first expedition, go to the west side from the central Doorway in the Imperium biome. You will meet Hilda, a Gunslinger that you will meet for the second time. She will be sitting near the Furnace station and will tell you to scan and deconstruct the Furnace using the Worldbuilder.

Equip the First Edition by pressing the F Key and scan the Furnace first. After that, equip the Worldbuilder and deconstruct the Furnace by holding the LMB. It will store the Furnace recipe and you will be able to build it wherever you want and whenever you want by pressing the RMB and selecting the Furnace recipe which will cost 20x Metal Scrap.

It is recommended to build the furnace at the Tower because you have to use it often to turn various scraps into advanced resources.

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