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Wizard With A Gun: How to Get the Worldbuilder



Wizard With A Gun - Worldbuilder

There are multiple essential tools to help you both in the Shatter and the Tower to progress in Wizard With A Gun. Each tool is used for certain actions and one of the crucial actions is to build buildings and stations that allow you to research new recipes and craft advanced resources. This can be achieved by the tool named Worldbuilder which is used to build and destroy furniture.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get the Worldbuilder in Wizard With A Gun.

How to Get the Worldbuilder in Wizard With A Gun

Worldbuilder is a furniture gun that you can use to construct and deconstruct buildings, stations, items, and much more. To get the Worldbuilder tool, players will first have to get its recipe. The recipe for the Worldbuilder tool can be unlocked by scanning Hilda, a Gunslinger found in the Imperium biome. Start the expedition in the Imperium biome to meet Hilda near the central Doorway. Equip the First Edition to scan Hilda by pressing the F Key and holding the LMB.

Once you have scanned Hilda, the recipe for Worldbuilder will be added to the Crafting Tab which you can access through the inventory. It will require the following resources to craft the Worldbuilder.

  • 5x Wood
  • 3x Metal Scrap
  • 1x Arcane Tome

Wood can be obtained by destroying the crates and trees, metal Scrap can be obtained by destroying the metal debris in the area, and the Arcane Tome can be obtained by killing any magically oriented monster in the area.

After gathering all the required resources, open the Crafting Tab to craft the Worldbuilder. You will be able to use the Worldbuilder throughout the journey to deconstruct the furniture and stations found in all biomes. Deconstructing them will allow you to get the recipes for furniture and stations that can be built using the Worldbuilder with the required resources.

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