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Wizard With A Gun: How to Unlock Bullets’ Recipes



Wizard With A Gun - Bullets Recipes

There are over 25 bullet types in Wizard With A Gun that players will get to unlock throughout the course of their adventure in various biomes of the world. Every bullet has a certain effect that inflicts the target on impact. Players will get to start with Destruction Bullet that only deals damage but as players progress ahead, they will get access to various types of bullets to cause certain effects along with damage. However, unlocking these bullets is not as straightforward as it sounds because each bullet needs to be researched and unlock its respective research station to unlock further categories of the bullets.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Bullets’ Recipes in Wizard With a Gun.

How to Unlock Bullets’ Recipes in Wizard With A Gun

Unlocking the Bullets’ Recipes procedure starts with repairing the Research Mechana so, make sure that you have repaired the research mechana to get access to newer bullet types. In the start, the Research Mechana will have 4 different Bullets available for research Burning Bullet, Cold Bullet, Poison Bullet, and Charming Bullet. Each bullet will require 5x Arcane Tome to be researched which will unlock the recipe for the respective bullet at the Loading Bench and a new respective Research Station for that bullet. You will be able to craft the bullet on the Loading Bench but to further unlock the bullets’ recipes from the researched bullet, you need to craft and place down the respective research station.

Each Research Station will allow you to upgrade the level of the respective bullet to increase its effect and damage along with unlocking newer versions of the bullet. Again, each upgrade/research of newer versions of Bullet costs certain resources and adds to the Loading Bench for you to craft for your gun. Researching the starting Research Stations from Research Mechena will further unlock bullet types and their respective Research Stations. There will be 8 different starting bullet types with 8 different Research Stations.

It can be a lot at a glance to manage but once you have decided which bullets you want to use more, you can start researching the bullets and trails of the respective research stations.

That is the basic persona for unlocking the Bullets’ recipes in Wizard With a Gun.

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