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Hellboy Web of Wyrd: How to Unlock & Upgrade Charm



HWOW: Unlock and Upgrade Charm

Hellboy Web of Wyrd is a classic Roguelike game where you will get to traverse through a series of gates and floors punching and shooting enemies. However, the Charm is not unlocked from the start of the game as it is required to be purchased to use in combat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and upgrade Charms in Hellboy Web of Wyrd.

How to Unlock and Upgrade Charms in Hellboy Web of Wyrd

There are three different Charms in Hellboy Web of Wyrd that players can purchase from the shop located at the Butterfly House. The Butterfly House serves as a hub from where players can utilize their earned currency to buy Guns and Charms, upgrade maximum health and toughness, and even test out the new Guns and Charms in the training room. To unlock the Charms, players need to go to Lucky’s shop and purchase one of the available Charms. Not all Charms will be available from the start as they unlock gradually over the course of your progression.

Each Charm costs Shakti Shards to be purchased as well as upgraded. The first Charm, the Repel Charm will require 10 Shakti Shards to unlock and equip. If you interact with the tube again from where you bought the Charm, it will take you to the upgrade menu where you can upgrade the level of the Charm to increase the damage dealt to the target’s stun bar or health.

Each upgrade also costs Shakti Shards starting from 50 so, make sure to eliminate every possible enemy in the rooms in the stages to earn maximum Shakti Shards.

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