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Hellboy Web of Wyrd: How to Use the Payback Attack



HWOW - Payback Attack

Hellboy Web of Wyrd is a Punching Roguelike game in which you have to complete a series of stages with several rooms and floors to defeat bosses at the end of every stage to retrieve Artifacts. There are several unique abilities of Hellboy that players can utilize to tackle a large horde of enemies and even tougher bosses. The strongest ability of Hellboy is a Payback attack which deals major damage to enemies and takes them down in a cinematic strike in a single hit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use the Payback Attack in Hellboy Web of Wyrd.

How to Use the Payback Attack in Hellboy Web of Wyrd

Payback is the strongest attack of Hellboy in the game allowing you to take down enemies with a single attack. It deals major damage to enemies and can only be used once the Payback meter is charged. The Payback meter can be seen on the left side of the screen with an icon of Punch. The Payback meter is filled up by taking hits from the enemies, blocking attacks of the enemies, and doing the perfect block on the attacks of the enemies. The first two interactions will impact your toughness bar but the perfect block will not impact the toughness bar instead, it will stun the enemy for a bit allowing you to land a charge attack.

Once the Payback meter is charged, you will be able to use the Payback Attack either on the focused target or a radial attack on surrounding enemies when not focused by pressing the RT/R2 button. The focused attack will allow you to take down the locked target in a single hit while the radial attack allows you to attack all of the surrounding enemies.

It is recommended to charge the Payback meter from time to time to use it at the time of need like in the challenges or in the boss fights to change the tides of the fight in your favor.

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