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Sonic Superstars: Speed Jungle Act 1 – Metal Dragonfly Boss Guide



Sonic Superstars - Metal Dragonfly

Every Zone has two acts each with its own boss fight at the end of the act. Completing the Bridge Island by defeating Mecha Robotnik, players will make their way to the Speed Jungle where they will get to encounter Metal Dragonfly at the end of Act 1.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Metal Dragonfly in Sonic Superstars.

How to Defeat Metal Dragonfly in Sonic Superstars

The metal Dragonfly has three different phases each one has a new attack that you need to counter and use the grappling attack of the Dragonfly against it to hit the Dragonfly to deal damage. The main strategy is to start moving once you see a target lock on Sonic and once the grapple hits the locked target, jump on the rope to hit the Dragonfly.

Metal Dragonfly Phase One

The first phase is the simplest as the Dragonfly only uses the grapple attack which you can maneuver and jump on to hit the dragonfly to deal damage to it. You need to repeat the process until it moves ahead on the path starting the next phase.

Metal Dragonfly Phase Two

As the second phase starts, Dragonfly will spawn Lightning Orbs above you. You need to dodge the lightning orbs either by moving on the platform or jumping from one platform to the other as there is a gap between both of the platforms. Find the gap between the lightning orbs and move Sonic to the gap to dodge the orbs.

Once you have dodged the lightning orb attack, the Dragonfly will shoot the grapple again so, use it against it to hit it to move on to the final phase.

Metal Dragonfly Phase Three

The third phase is similar to phase two but the gap between the platforms will have spikes which you need to avoid from hitting them. It raises a difficulty a bit as you have to dodge the lightning orbs along with the spikes.

Once you have dodged the lightning orb and spike attacks, Dragonfly will charge toward you instead of using the grapple attack. You need to jump over the Dragonfly and hit it from above as soon as you jump over it to deal damage to it and defeat it.

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