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Sonic Superstars: Bridge Island – Mecha Robotnik (Doctor Eggman) Boss Guide



Sonic Superstars - Mecha Robotnik

Mecha Robotnik is one of the main bosses in Sonic Superstars and you will get to encounter it more than one time in your whole playthrough of the game. It also serves as a tutorial boss for Sonic Superstars and players will get to encounter it at the end of the Bridge Island zone. The Mecha Robotnik is a two-phase boss fight in which it will change its shape and moves overviewing you the whole concept of boss fights that you can expect from the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Mecha Robotnik in Sonic Superstars.

How to Defeat Mecha Robotnik in Sonic Superstars

Once you reach the end of the Bridge Island zone, you will encounter Mecha Robotnik (Doctor Eggman). As mentioned earlier, it serves as a tutorial boss so, the technique to defeat it at Bridge Island is not complex. You need to attack it from underneath to break its arms and legs to start the second phase. As the second phase starts, wait for it to gain a bit of altitude and then start hitting it from underneath to defeat it.

Mecha Robotnik Phase One

For the 1st phase of Mecha Robotnik, you need to look out for its jumping attack and rocket hand attack. It will spin both of its arms before it does the jumping attack on your position. Once you see it spinning its arms, dash to the other side and wait for it to land. Once it lands, attack it from behind to deal damage. Keep your distance from it and as soon as it aims its hand to your location, be ready to jump because you want to dodge the hand attack and as you come down, spin to deflect the hand back to deal damage to it.

Repeat the process until its hands and legs break to start the second phase.

Mecha Robotnik Phase Two

Mecha Robotnik will attach spike hands to it and start flying. You need to keep your distance from it at the start as it will charge up and lunge towards your position. As it lunges, jump up and hit it from above to deal damage. Don’t hit it again yet and wait for it to do the jump attack. It will spin its hands again and do the jump so be ready to dash to the other side and then hit it from behind to deal damage. After that, it will stay in the air for a bit and it is your cue to hit a couple of more times to defeat it.

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