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The Front: How to Cook Meat



The Front - Cook Meat

Food is one of the essential aspects of keeping your character survive in the world of the Front. Players will have to keep an eye on the hunger meter and consume food as they explore the world to survive through the hardships. There are various food items that players will come across as they loot abandoned houses and trash cans but one of the most efficient food items is meat and players must learn its properties and the process of cooking it to last their character’s fillings for longer.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to cook meat in The Front.

How to Cook Meat in The Front

Cooking in general is a bit different in the Front than in most of the survival games out there. There are several mechanics tied to even cooking meat in the Front and you will have to understand each and everyone so, you can get and cook meat from time to time. Before you get to cook Meat, you need to get it by hunting an animal. You can hunt the animals either by using a bow or a wood spear which both can be crafted early. Scout around your starting area and look for animals. After finding an animal, hunt it down using the weapons. Instead of looting the meat from animal corpses, you will have to collect the meat using the Stone Knife.

The Stone Knife is unlocked at Level 5 and requires several resources so, make sure that you have the stone knife in your inventory. Use the Stone Knife to collect meat as well as the hide of the animal. After getting the meat, you will see a timer on it. It indicates the time for spoiling of the meat which is 10 minutes. You need to consume the meat within 10 minutes otherwise, it will get spoiled. The best way to consume it is to cook it for which you need to craft a Bonfire.

Once you have crafted a Bonfire, place it on the ground and interact with it. Place some wood in the bonfire to ignite it and then place the Meat in the Inventory Bar. Now, select the Roasted Meat recipe on the left side to cook the Meat. It will require 2x Meat for 1 Roasted Meat and it will restore 30 Fullness on consumption.

The spoil time for Roasted Meat is 30 minutes so, keep an eye on your hunger meter to consume it before it spoils.

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