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The Front: How to Craft and Place a Sleeping Bag



The Front - Sleeping Bag

The Front offers an open-world survival experience in a decent wide world. As there is no limit to exploring the world players can go anywhere right from the start of the game. However, the world is not forgiving and there are various kinds of enemies who will hunt you down as you get detected by them or run into their territory. Fighting a horde of enemies will require high firepower and if players haven’t gotten their hands on weapons yet then they most likely meet their unfortunate fate at the hands of merciless enemies. Not only that but players can lose all of their progress if they don’t place any revival point in the world which is a Sleeping Bag in The Front.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft and place a Sleeping Bag in The Front.

How to Craft and Place a Sleeping Bag in The Front

The Sleeping Bag is a revival point in the Front and players can place several of them at different locations around the world map. It is always safe to place the sleeping bags from time to time especially, if you are exploring the world and going to new regions. Somehow if your character dies either by dehydration or enemies, you will get the option to respawn at one of the Sleeping Bags locations which is quite a relief. Crafting the Sleeping Bag in The Front requires the following resources.

Both of the resources can be found near the starting spawn point of the players and once players have got the resources, they need to open the Crafting Menu by pressing the Tab key. All the known crafting recipes will be shown on the left side from which players can craft the Sleeping Bag by selecting its recipe and selecting the ‘Craft’ option. It will take 10 seconds for the Sleeping Bag to craft and it will be added to the inventory once it has been crafted.

Players can add the Sleeping Bag to their quick inventory by opening inventory by pressing the I button and dragging the Sleeping Bag to one of the quick inventory slots. After that, players can place the Sleeping Bag on the ground by pressing the respective key of the inventory slot and then pressing the LMB by looking at the ground. The Sleeping Bag can only be placed once it is highlighted in blue color so, make sure that you have the proper space for placing the sleeping bag whether it is out in the open or inside a house.

Keep in mind that the Sleeping Bag has durability which decreases every time you spawn in it after dying. Once the durability reaches 0, the Sleeping Bag will be destroyed and you have to craft it again.

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