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The Front: How to Craft a Wood Spear



The Front - Wood Spear

The world of The Front is unforgiving and cruel who will attack you as soon as you show your presence in their area. It is important for the players to have some sort of weapons to defend themselves from the enemies. One of the early weapons that players can make in the starting hour of the game is a Wood Spear which has a long attack range allowing you to poke enemies or even animals from a distance.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft a Wood Spear in The Front.

How to Craft a Wood Spear in The Front

Wood Spear is one of the early weapons in the Front that you can craft using the early resources of the game but before you get to craft it, you will first have to unlock its crafting recipe. To unlock the crafting recipe for Wood Spear, players need to reach Level 3 and unlock the Wood Spear from the Weapons section in the Tech tree. The level can be increased easily by cutting down trees, mining the rock deposits, or completing the main tasks. Once players have unlocked the recipe for Wood Spear, they will be able to craft it using the following resources.

All of the resources can be found near the starting spawn point of the players and once players have got the resources, they need to open the Crafting Menu by pressing the Tab key. All the known crafting recipes will be shown on the left side from which players can craft the Wood Spear by selecting its recipe and selecting the ‘Craft’ option. It will take 5 seconds for the Wood Spear to craft and it will be added to the inventory once it has been crafted.

Keep the Wood Spear in the quick inventory slots to quickly equip it whenever you spot an enemy or an animal nearby. Killing enemies can give you useful loot whereas animals can provide you with meat and hide which can be used in cooking and crafting respectively.

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