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The Front: How to Get Stone



The Front - Stone

To survive in the new world of the Front, you must have a safe outpost and tools for various needs. As all players start with nothing, they will have to start gathering resources right from the beginning of the game. There are tons of resources and materials that players will get to find as they progress which can be utilized for the enhancement of their whole outposts, tools, weapons, gear, etc. but every player starts from zero so, they will have to get tons of stone to make initial crafting recipes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Stone in The Front.

How to Get Stone in The Front

Stone is one of the most useful resources in The Front as it is used in several crafting recipes that players will have to craft to both create the outposts as well as progress in the main story. There are a couple of ways to get stone in The Front.

  • Collecting Rocks
  • Mining Rock Deposits

Collecting the rocks on the ground is the basic way to get stones in the Front as it does not require any kind of tool. You just have to go near the rocks and interact with them by pressing the F key to pick them up. Rocks can be found easily on the Northern and Eastern sides of the world map and are harder to locate in the desert region. It does not matter at which spawn point players started their adventure, they will be able to find tens of rocks at the starting area which will help them in their progression.

However, the fastest way to get Stone is through mining the rock deposits found all over the world map. The rock deposits are larger rocks placed randomly in the world that players can mine using the Stone Pickaxe. The Stone Pickaxe is one of the starting mining tools in the game as you progress and level up in the game, you will be able to craft more advanced mining tools along with vehicles that can be used to mine the rocks as well.

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