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The Front: How to Make a Bonfire



The Front - Bonfire

The Front is a new Survival game with various environmental and feeding mechanics that players need to be aware of as they set off on their adventure. Weather conditions play an important in The Front as the main character gets certain effects from either too-cold or too-warm weather and low filling and dehydration can have extra effects on the character. To survive in the world of The Front, players will have to find a way to keep themselves warm and cook some food from time to time. One of the best crafting recipes that can prevent players from dying from cold or filling is a Bonfire.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a bonfire in the Front.

How to Make a Bonfire in The Front

A Bonfire is one of the necessary tools in the Front that players can make and place anywhere throughout their exploration to increase their survival rate. Bonfire is not only used for cooking but to keep the character warm as well which makes it an efficient surviving tool in cold places. Each tool in The Front requires a certain number of specific resources and Bonfire is no different. The resources required to craft the Bonfire in The Front are the following.

All of the resources can be found near the starting spawn point of the players and once players have got the resources, they need to open the Crafting Menu by pressing the Tab key. All the known crafting recipes will be shown on the left side from which players can craft the Bonfire by selecting its recipe and selecting the ‘Craft’ option. It will take 10 seconds for the Bonfire to craft and it will be added to the inventory once it has been crafted.

Players can place the bonfire on the ground by equipping the Bonfire from the inventory. However, placing the Bonfire will not ignite it because it requires Wood as fuel to ignite the bonfire. To light the bonfire, interact with it by pressing the F button and then adding the wood from your inventory to the Consumable Bar of the bonfire. After that, select the ‘Activate’ option to light up the bonfire.

Once the bonfire is lit up, you will be able to add mushrooms and meat to it to cook them and once you are done with the cooking, you can defuse the bonfire by selecting the ‘Stop’ option.

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