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The Front: How to Craft the Stone Axe



The Front - Stone Axe

The Front is a new Survival Simulation game offering an open-world experience with various resources and materials to be found around the world map. Not all resources and materials can be gathered easily as some resources might require a certain type of tool. One of the earliest but most useful resources, Wood can be obtained in large amounts by cutting down the trees for which players have to craft the Stone Axe.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft the Stone Axe in The Front.

How to Craft the Stone Axe in The Front

All the players will start with zero resources/materials and no tools in the world of The Front. Players will have to gather resources and materials around their starting area to craft all the basic structures of their outpost along with the necessary tools. Stone Axe is one of the necessary tools which is effective for cutting trees. Each tool in The Front requires a certain number of specific resources and Stone Axe is no different. The resources required to craft the Stone Axe in The Front are the following.

Both of the resources can be found near the starting spawn point of the players and once players have got the resources, they need to open the Crafting Menu by pressing the Tab key. All the known crafting recipes will be shown on the left side from which players can craft the Stone Axe by selecting its recipe and selecting the ‘Craft’ option. It will take 5 seconds for the Stone Axe to craft and it will be added to the inventory once it has been crafted.

Players can place the Stone Axe in their quick inventory by opening inventory by pressing the I button and dragging the Stone Axe to one of the quick inventory slots. After that, players can equip the Stone Axe by pressing the respective key for the inventory slot and use it by pressing the LMB.

Keep in mind that the Stone Axe has durability and it will break once it reaches 0 durability requiring you to craft it again.

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