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Diablo IV Players Want Endgame Content to Be Less Tedious



Diablo IV Players Want Endgame Content to Be Less Tedious

The endgame content of Diablo IV begins once players have beaten the main campaign of the story. The endgame content is essentially the grind to level up the character to level 100, the level cap. However, leveling up characters after reaching level 80 is too long and slow, and many players believe it is a tedious grind.

It takes hundreds of hours to grind up a single character to reach level 100, and to level up other characters, players will have to do the same things over and over again. Hardcore players understand the gameplay style of the game, but they have found several mechanics and systems that slow down the process of leveling.

Reddit user YouMayBeSeatedRL suggested five different changes to the mechanics and systems of the game that could make the endgame experience less tedious, more engaging, and fun for players. The suggestions are related to the following systems and changes:

  • Codex Powers
  • Enchanting/Rerolling Item Affixes
  • World Tier 5/New Item Power Range
  • Paragon and Skill Tree
  • Endgame Content

The changes to the Codex Power system could resolve the stash problem by making every single aspect of the game available as a Codex Power, with the ability to upgrade the Codex Power. Changes to Enchanting/Rerolling Item Affixes could help players get a guaranteed item for each reroll, without wasting a large amount of gold. For World Tier 5, there should be new and high-level gear items only for level 100 players, to make it more engaging for level 100 players. Players should be able to rebuild their character without the cost of gold in the Paragon and Skill Tree. Finally, there should be more endgame content for players to explore.

These suggestions sound promising, and many other players agree that they could make Diablo IV’s tedious grind into a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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