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Dinkum: Everything About Ore



Dinkum: Everything About Ore

Dinkum is the new survival game in which the players will build their towns on an island and craft different items for their survival. There are many different resources in this game that you can collect and use to craft something useful. One of the main resources in the game is Ore.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the types of Ores and how can you get them.

Types Of Ores

There are three different types of ores in Dinkum that you can gather to make useful items. The types of Ores are the following.

  • Tin Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Iron Ore

Tin Ore

Tin Ore can be found in large amounts almost in all biomes. Tin Ore is represented by black pieces of ore and it can be mined with the Basic Pickaxes. This ore doesn’t take long to mine and you’ll be collecting most of this ore because it can be turned into Tin Bars which are used in many things.

Copper Ore

Copper Ore can also be found in all biomes but it is rare than Tin Ore. Copper Ore can be mined with the Copper Pickaxes. Copper Ore can mostly be found in the desert areas of the island. Copper Ore can also be found alongside Tin Ore after the deposit but it is not necessary that they always spawn closer to Tin.

Iron Ore

Iron Ore is the rarest ore in the game and it is mostly found in the mines. Iron Ore can be mined with Iron Pickaxes. After the first mining expedition, Iron Ore deposits will very rarely appear in the overworld. Iron Ore looks very similar to Quartz from the distance due to the shining of the latter.

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