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Dinkum: How To Plant Seeds In The Game



Dinkum: How To Plant Seeds In The Game

Dinkum is the new survival game in which the players will build their towns on an island and craft different items for their survival. As you progress further in the game, you’ll unlock farming and you’ll be able to grow different crops, fruits, and trees in your garden.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to plant the seeds in your garden.

How to Plant Seeds

For planting the seeds, you’ll going to need two things. One is Shovel and the second is seed. For the Shovel, you’ll going to need the Excavation License from Fletch. You’ll need to earn permit points from different activities and when you have enough points for the Excavation License, go to Fletch and use the points to buy the Excavation License.

After getting the license, go to the John’s Goods and you’ll be able to buy the shovel for 1,200 Dinks. After getting the Shovel, you’ll need to get the seeds. You can buy seeds from Rayne or you can cut down trees and bushes to get the seeds. After getting the shovel and seeds, go to your field and equip the shovel to dig a hole in the ground. After you’ve dug the hole, you’ll be able to place the seed with the “Bury” trait in the hole.

You can drop seeds in the hole by pressing Q button. After you’ve placed the seed, equip the shovel and the shovel will have the soil remain on it because you’ve dug the hole. Cover the hole with the same dirt on the shovel. So, dig the hole then place the seed and then cover the hole again with the same dirt. After that, just water the seeds and the seeds will grow in a few days and then you can harvest them.

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