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Dinkum: How to Fish



Dinkum: How to Fish

Dinkum is a survival game in which you’ll need to get a lot of things along with the food. As there are many lakes on the island, you’ll see many fish in them. You can catch fish by using the Fishing pole but in order to do that, you want to understand the mechanics of fishing in this game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fish in Dinkum.

How to Fish

The first thing that you want to do for fishing is to get the license of Fishing from Fletch. You cannot get the Fishing pole without getting the license of Fishing from Fletch. After you’ve gotten the license, go to the John’s Goods and you’ll be to buy the Fishing pole from John. The Fishing Pole will cost you 1,000 Dinks.

After getting the Fishing Pole, you need to go one of the lakes on the island to find the fish. Go in the back area of the island to find the lakes and rivers. There’ll be plenty of fish in them. Go to the edge of the lake and cast the fishing pole. To cast the fishing pole, you simply have to press the left click and to cancel the cast, press the right click button.

After casting the fishing pole, you just want to wait for the fish to bite the bait. Once the fish has taken the bait, you want to reel in when the fish is not swimming away. The fish will splash and try to swim away but the fish will stop after a few moments and when they stop you want to reel in by holding the left click button. You need to let go off the left click button when the fish try to swim away again and reel in again when the fish has stopped. The fish will do this multiple times before you catch it. Just reel in when the fish has stopped swimming and you’ll catch it.

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