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Dinkum: How to use Metal Detector



Dinkum: How to use Metal Detector

Dinkum is the new crafting and farming game themed around Australia. There are a lot of things in this game that players can do for survival and one of the most important things in this game to make progress is by making money. You can sell different items to make money but there is also a Metal Detector in the game that players can use to find the hidden treasure on the island.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use the Metal Detector in Dinkum.

How to Use Metal Detector

The Metal Detector is used to detect things under the dirt on the island or in the mines. It is needed to find precious rocks like rubies in the game along with other useful things as well. You can get the Metal Detector from John’s Goods. The price of the Metal Detector is 7,000 Dinks. You also want to have a shovel because you’re going to need it to dig up the point where you find something with the Metal Detector.

Once you have got both of these tools, you can use the metal detector anywhere and when you hear the beeping of the metal detector goes loud, it means something is close to its range and you can dig up that with the shovel to retrieve it. To use the Metal Detector, equip the metal detector and hold the Left Click Button of your mouse. It will scan each individual block of the sand that you’ll walk on. Just keep going in any direction you want and the metal detector will scan for the things under the dirt.

You’ll hear the change in the sound of the beeping of the Metal Detector when you get close to something. You want to look at the block on which the sound changed and you’ll see a vibrating animation on that block. It means the thing is really close to that block. Check the close blocks from that point in every direction and walk towards the direction in which the sound changes more. You’ll reach on the block that has some hidden things under it. That block will have an animation of a circle in the middle when you place a metal detector on that block. Equip the shovel and dig up the hole to find the items. Collect the items and if they are precious then you can sell them to John’s Goods for Dinks. You can repeat this process as long as you like to make good money but do keep an eye on the durability level of the Metal Detector.

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