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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Be Our Friend – Quest Walkthrough



Be Our Friend

Be Our Friend is the second Friendship Quest for The Beast that players will get to unlock once they have reached Friendship Level 4 with The Beast.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Be Our Friend quest for The Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Be Our Friend – Walkthrough

Once players have finished the Beast with No Bite quest and leveled up their Friendship Level to Level 4 with The Beast, they will unlock the Be Our Friend quest. Players need to talk to The Beast and select the quest option to start the quest.

Gather Books for Belle from Merlin’s Library

After starting the quest, you need to go to Merlin’s library and pick up 3 books. The books will have a shining effect on them so you can easily find and pick them up. Once you have picked up the books, go to Belle and give her the books on the Beast’s behalf.

Ask Villagers about Meeting with the Beast

Now, you need to go and ask the following villagers about meeting with the Beast.

  • Wall-E
  • Mirabel

Open the map to locate the villagers and go to them one by one to talk with them. Once you have talked to the villagers, go back and talk to the Beast. You will get to select the villager with whom you want to Beast to hang out.

Gardening with WALL-E Choice

If you select WALL-E as a choice for the Beast, you will have to teach him gardening. You will have to do the following tasks to teach the Beast about Gardening.

  • Plant 10 Crops
  • Harvest 10 Crops

You can plant and harvest any 10 crops. Make sure the Beast is hanging with you while you plant and harvest the crops to teach the Beast about Gardening.

Sewing with Mirabel Choice

If you select Mirabel as a choice for the Beast, you will have to teach him to sew different items while crafting. You will have to craft the following items to teach the Beast about Sewing.

  • Craft 20x Fiber
  • Craft 3x Empty Vial

Go to any Crafting Station and make sure the Beast is hanging with you while you craft the items at the crafting station to teach the beast about Sewing.

Talk to Beast

Once you have taught the Beast gardening or sewing, you need to talk to him and you need to take him to the respective individual depending on your choice. After Beast has hung out with a villager, you need to check on him by talking to him.

Ask Kristoff about his Fishing Contest

Go to Kristoff and talk to him about his fishing contest. Once you have talked with Kristoff, go back and talk to Beast and tell him about the fishing contest. You need to stop hanging with the Beast after this point.

Participate in the Fishing Contest

To participate in the Fishing Contest, you need to catch the following fish.

  • 2x Saltwater Fish
  • 2x Freshwater Fish
  • 1x Fish of 3 lbs. or more
  • 1x Herring
  • 1x Bream

The Saltwater Fish are the ones that can be caught from the ocean in the Dazzle Beach biome and the Freshwater Fish are the ones that can be caught from the ponds in the rest of the biomes. If you catch Herring and Bream 2 times, you will automatically complete the Saltwater and Freshwater Fish requests along with Fish of 3 lbs. or more.

Meet with Beast

Once you have caught all the required fish, you need to meet with Beast and Kristoff. After that, you need to talk to the Beast for the final time to conclude the quest.


Completing the Be Our Friend quest will give 810 Friendship Points with The Beast.

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