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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Break Blue Rocks on Dazzle Beach



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Break Blue Rocks on Dazzle Beach

There are different areas connected to the Village that players will need to open to remove the Forgetting from all of the areas. One of the earliest areas that players can open is Dazzle Beach. It requires only 1,000 Dreamlight to open. After going to the beach, you’ll see several Blue Rocks but they won’t be able to break with the Pickaxe that you have.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Break the Blue Rocks on Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Break Blue Rocks on Dazzle Beach

There are several Blue Rocks on Dazzle Beach and they are even blocking the way to the Bridge as well. But you won’t be able to break the Large Blue Rocks with the Royal Pickaxe that you have. You’ll only be able to break the Smaller Blue Rocks but in order to open the path to the bridge in the south of the area, you’ll have to break all of the Blue Rocks.

In order to Break the Blue Rocks, you’ll have to upgrade your Royal Pickaxe. You’ll be able to get your pickaxe upgraded by Maui after completing one of his quests. In order to unlock the character Maui, you’d have to open the Moana Realm for 3,000 Dreamlight then after that, you’ll have to complete several quests for Moana and Maui. You’d have to complete the Friendship Quests of Maui and reach Level 4 with Maui.

Once you have reached Level 4 with Maui, he’ll give you a quest named “A Tale of Stone and Fire” in which he’ll show you what Sea Debris (Blue Rocks) drops. You’ll have to cook a dish for him and after giving him the dish, he’ll tell you to give him your Pickaxe and he’ll upgrade it. Then you’ll have to follow him to one of the Sea Debris and break it open. The Sea Debris will drop Sand, Rock, and Coal.

Complete the rest of the quest and the upgraded pickaxe will be yours and you’ll be able to easily break the Sea Debris and even break the Black Veins with a couple of strikes.

New Tip: Players have discovered that by focusing on completing Maui’s quests early in the game, they can upgrade their pickaxe sooner and access new areas more quickly. This strategy can help players progress faster in the game.

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