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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Wall-E’s Bonus Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Wall-E’s Bonus Quest

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley major update is live now and it is the biggest one yet in terms of the story. According to the devs, this update will complete the 1st Act of the game, revealing the main villain and all the incidents that started the Forgetting in the Valley. However, there is also a new bonus quest for Wall-E that players can complete in this new update but it has a jaw-dropping requirement in unlocking the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Wall. E’s Bonus Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock Wall-E’s Bonus Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As shown in the Reveal Trailer of The Remembering update of Disney Dreamlight Valley, a new adventure with WALL.E has been added to the game but if you go to WALL.E, he will not show you anything related to the new adventure. By analyzing the reveal trailer, we have come to know that the new adventure is linked to the new Character Skin of WALL.E which is a Detective Skin. The Bonus Quest is also a Detective-Themed quest named Your Sunday Best.

Now, in order to unlock the quest, you will have to unlock the Detective Skin for WALL.E which can only be unlocked by purchasing it. Players will have to buy the Dapper WALL.E Dream Bundle which is currently listed under the Shop Tab in the main menu of the game. The Bundle is listed for 4,000 Moonstones which is cost about $17. The Bundle includes an exclusive outfit for your character and a Character Dream Style for WALL.E which is a detective look as well and an accessory named WALL.E’s Trash Can Lid. Buying the Bundle and putting on the Character Dream Style on WALL.E will unlock the Your Sunday Best quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Wall-E’s Bonus Quest

The quest will follow around gathering the Scrap Metals and crafting various items at the crafting table. Ultimately, you will end up crafting the WALL.E’s Trash Can Lid which can be worn as a hat.

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