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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete The Monochrome Mystery Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete The Monochrome Mystery Quest

The Monochrome Mystery is a story quest in Act II: The Spark of Imagination of the A Rift in Time expansion. It is a quest for Merlin that becomes available after completing The Spark of Imagination quest for Oswald. This guide will walk you through how to complete The Monochrome Mystery quest for Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete The Monochrome Mystery Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Starting the Quest

The Monochrome Mystery quest becomes available once you have completed The Spark of Imagination quest. You can find the quest in the Quests’ Menu and make it an active quest by selecting it.

As this quest will start inside the depths of the Ancient Ruins, you must exit the Ruins by interacting with a portal. Exiting the ruins will initiate a brief cutscene.

Talk to the REAL Merlin

Once you are out of the Ancient Ruins, open the map to find Merlin. Go and speak with him to talk about Jafar stealing the Spark of Imagination artifact and using it to turn objects into black and white.

Speak to the Characters and Take Pictures of Black and White Objects

Open the map to find EVE, Gaston, and Rapunzel, and then go over to them to speak with them. While you are checking in with the characters, make sure to take a picture of the white and black objects around them. EVE will be at the secret chamber behind the waterfall in The Docks area of the Ancient’s Landing biome and there will be black and white books of which you need to take a photo.

Gaston will be at The Wastes area of the Glittering Dunes and you need to take a picture of the black and white boxes. Lastly, Rapunzel will be at The Grove area of the Wild Tangle biome and you need to take a picture of the Boat in the air.

Completing the Quest

Once you have taken photos of all the required objects, go back to Merlin and speak with him to complete the quest.


Completing The Monochrome Mystery quest will give 2,000 Friendship Points as a reward.

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