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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Oswald’s Many Dimensions Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Oswald’s Many Dimensions Quest

Oswald’s Many Dimensions is the first Friendship Quest for Oswald which becomes available upon completing The Spark of Imagination quest for Oswald. It will unlock Oswald as a character in the Eternity Isle but he will require your help to get settled. This guide will walk you through Oswald’s Many Dimensions quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Oswald’s Many Dimensions Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Starting the Quest

Oswald’s Many Dimensions quest does not require any Friendship Level to begin as it becomes available right after completing The Spark of Imagination quest. You can find this quest in the Quests’ Menu and make it an active quest by selecting it. To initiate the quest, simply go and speak with Oswald.

Put on an Outfit to Communicate with Oswald

Oswald will further communicate with you once he approves your fashion. Open the Wardrobe and navigate to the Request sections to put on each available clothing item. Keep in mind that Oswaldian Black and White Fedora is a must clothing item that you should equip for Oswald to approve your fashion.

Once you have put on the required clothing items, speak with Oswald.

Gather the Black or White Flowers for Oswald

Oswald will tell you to get him 8 Black or White flowers. There are various White Flowers that are found throughout the Valley and the Eternity Isle like White Passion Lily and White Daisy but there isn’t much variety for Black Flowers. However, there are two types of Black Flowers that you can get, one is Black Passion Lily and the other one is Black Glass-Like Flowers.

You can find the White Passion Lily and Black Passion Lily in the Frosted Heights biome. For the rest of the required flowers, go to the Peaceful Meadow to find White Daisy and it should cover all eight flowers for Oswald. Once you have gathered all the flowers, bring them to Oswald.

Break through the communication barrier

After giving the flowers to Oswald, go back to the Eternity Isle and follow Oswald to the secret chamber behind the waterfall in The Docks area. Speak with Oswald and a black and white poster with “The End” written on it will appear. You need to break the poster by hitting it with your Royal Pickaxe.

Doing so will remove the language barrier between your character and Oswald allowing you to understand him clearly.

Craft Oswald’s Pencil

Now, that you understand Oswald clearly, you need to craft an Oswald’s Pencil for which you will need the following materials.

  • 15x Tropical Wood – Found in The Grasslands area of the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 1x Amber – Found by digging the ground in all the areas of the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 10x Coal Ore – Found by mining the nodes and removing the Night Thorns.

Once you have gathered all the materials, go to the Crafting Station and interact with it. Navigate to the Refined Material tab to find the recipe for Oswaldian Pencil. Craft the pencil and then go to the wardrobe to equip it.

Place Oswald’s House

Upon speaking with Oswald after equipping the Oswaldian Pencil, he will give you his house to place it down somewhere in the Eternity Isle. Open the Furniture Menu and navigate to the Requests section to find Oswald’s House. Select the house and place it down. After placing down the house, go and speak with Oswald to see if he is satisfied with the house.

Buy a pair of 3D Glasses from Scrooge McDuck

Oswald will tell you to get 3D Glasses to be able to put a third dimension to Oswald’s House. You need to go to Scrooge’s store and order the 3D Glasses. It will cost 1,050 Star Coins to order the glasses.

NOTE: There is a bug related to this objective for this quest where players can’t progress due to the pre-purchase of 3D Glasses prior to the quest. If you haven’t purchased the glasses before this quest, you will not have any problem.

Completing the Quest

Once you have got the 3D Glasses, equip them from the Wardrobe and go back to Oswald’s House. Interact with the sign outside Oswald’s House to turn it into a three-dimensional house. Go through the dialogues with Oswald to conclude the quest.

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