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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the When Things Go Boom Quest



When Things Go Boom is the Friendship Level 10 and the final quest for EVE in the A Rift in Time expansion. Players will be able to unlock the quest once they have unlocked Stitch and all of the prerequisite biomes and locations.

This guide will walk you through how to complete the When Things Go Boom quest for EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

When Things Go Boom Quest – Walkthrough

Upon reaching Friendship Level 10 with EVE and accomplishing all of the prerequisites for the quest, find and speak to EVE to initiate the quest. EVE is ready to move on to try something exciting beyond just Gardening.

Talk to Stitch and then EVE

You will suggest to EVE that Stitch might have an exciting activity for EVE so go ahead and open the map to find Stitch. Upon finding Stitch, go and speak with him to see what he has in his mind. Stitch will share that he has found a recipe for Fireworks and will hand you over an ingredient named Cactus Powder.

After speaking with Stitch, share the idea of Fireworks with EVE.

Cook Experimental Fireworks

Upon speaking with EVE, she will tell you to get the Dreamlight Cobra Lily Extract from her house. Go inside EVE’s house and interact with a strange flower on the table to get the extract. Now, you will get the objective to cook the Experimental Fireworks at a Cooking Station. However, cooking the Experimental Fireworks will require the following ingredients.

  • 1x Cactus Powder – Obtained from Stitch during the quest.
  • 1x Cinnamon – Obtained from the ground in the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 1x Electric Eel – Obtained from fishing in the gold ripples in the Wild Tangle biome.
  • 1x Dreamlight Cobra Lily Extract – Obtained from EVE’s house during the quest.

After obtaining all of the required ingredients, head to the cooking station to cook the Experimental Fireworks. You can find its recipe under the quest section.

Talk to EVE and Remove the Fires

Upon cooking the Experimental Fireworks, bring it to EVE. As you talk to her, she will use it which will spread a block of fire on the ground. Equip the Watering Can and use it to remove the fire.

After you have removed the fire, speak with EVE again. Now, open the map to find Stitch again and speak with him to come up with another solution. However, he will only help you if you find him his lost collection of Socks.

Search for the Socks

To find the collection of Stitch’s Socks, you need to use the Royal Hourglass tool in the three different locations mentioned below.

  • The Ruins – Ancient’s Landing biome.
  • The Borderlands – Glittering Dunes biome.
  • The Lagoon – Wild Tangle biome.

All of these three areas are the final area of each biome in Eternity Isle so, make sure that you have unlocked all of these areas to find the socks.

After finding all three socks, head back to Stitch and hand him over the socks.

Gather the Materials

After giving Stitch his lost collection of socks, you will get the objective to get the following materials.

  • 10x Dream Shards – Obtained by removing Night Thorns, feeding Critters their favorite food, and digging Sparkling Holes on the ground.
  • 5x Red Pitcher Plants – Found in The Grove and The Lagoon areas of the Wild Tangle biome.

After getting all the required materials, bring them to EVE.

Add Some Furniture to the Island

Now, before you set up the Safer-Fireworks show on the island, decorate it first with some of the furniture items. Open the Furniture menu and place the following furniture items.

  • 3x Cute Rugs
  • 6x Cute Chairs
  • 4x Cute Decorations

You can find all of the available furniture items under the Requests section of the Furniture menu. Once you have decorated the island, return to EVE and you will get the objective to place the Firework Launcher.

Place the Firework Launcher

Open the Furniture menu again and go into the Requests section to find the Firework Launcher. Select it and place it anywhere on the island to begin the Fireworks Show.

After the Fireworks, speak to EVE to conclude her final Friendship quest.


Completing the When Things Go Boom quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • Retro-tastic Jacket
  • Retro-tastic Minidress
  • 3,080 Friendship Points

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