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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Wild Tangle’s Swarm Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Wild Tangle's Swarm

Pursuing the main Expansion Questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley will soon bring players to meet with Gaston in the Glittering Dunes biome. Upon meeting with Gaston, players will get to initiate his starting quests which are essential for both progressing ahead in the expansion storyline and unlocking Gaston as a villager. The second quest for Gaston is The Wild Tangle’s Swarm requiring players to get the Jungle Scarab Piece and repair it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Wild Tangle’s Swarm Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete The Wild Triangle’s Swarm Quest

Upon completing The Wanderer of the Dunes, you will have to wait a few hours as Gaston ‘re-center himself’. Once he is back in Eternity Isle, talk to him to get the objective of talking to Rapunzel. Locate Rapunzel on the map and go talk to her. She will tell you to find the Swarming Insects in The Grove area for which you will need 4,000 Mist to unlock it. If you have already unlocked Rapunzel as a villager, then this area will be unlocked for you.

Make your way to the northeastern side of The Grove area near the entrance to The Lagoon area to find the Swarming Insects. Take a picture of the swarming insects and show it to Rapunzel. She will task you with gathering the following flowers to make arrangements.

  • 4x Green Fly Trap
  • 4x Purple Fly Trap
  • 4x Red Pitcher Plant
  • 4x Yellow Pitcher Plant
  • 12x Tropical Wood

All of these flowers and wood are found inside the areas of the Wild Tangle biome and once you have gathered all of them, use them to craft two Carnivorous Floral Arrangements at the crafting station. Now, go to the location where you found the swarming insects and place both of the Floral Arrangements near them.

Now, check on Gaston to see how he is doing with his task and after talking to him, go back to The Grove to see if all the insects are cleared from the pedestal. Pick up the Jungle Scarab Piece from the pedestal and interact with one of the Hologram Stations to talk to Jafar.

Jafar will give you a blueprint of a recipe and you need to repair it at the Timebending Table for which you need 1,000 Mist. Once you have the required resources, repair the Jungle Scarab Piece and report back to Jafar to learn the next step which will conclude the quest.

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