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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft Enchanted Canvas



Enchanted Canvas

An Enchanted Canvas is a magical Painting that players will have to craft for the Beast so that he can remember the lovely time with Belle. Players will get the objective of crafting the Enchanted Canvas during the Into the West Wing quest for Belle. As it is one of the main objectives of the quest, players will have to complete to progress ahead in the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft Enchanted Canvas in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Craft Enchanted Canvas in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before players get to craft the Enchanted Canvas, they will have to talk to Merlin to learn about the materials required to make the Enchanted Canvas. By talking to Merlin, all the materials will be listed that players will have to gather to craft the Enchanted Canvas.

  • 12x Softwood
  • 8x Fiber
  • 4x Dream Shard
  • 3x White Daisy
  • 2x Garnet

Softwood can be found under the trees in almost all of the biomes of Dreamlight Valley. Fiber is an enhanced material that can be crafted with Seaweed. You can find the seaweed by fishing outside of fish circles in the ponds and ocean. The Dream Shard can be obtained by digging the shining ground or feeding the critters. The White Daisy is a plant that grows in the Peaceful Meadow biome. Garnet is a red jewel that can be mined from the rock deposits in the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadow biomes.

Once you have gathered all of the materials, go to the crafting station and select the Functional Items tab to craft the Enchanted Canvas. After crafting the Enchanted Canvas, make your way back to the Beauty and the Beast Realm to bring the Enchanted Canvas to Belle.

By completing this objective, players will get closer to unlocking Belle and the Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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