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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Fox A Companion



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Fox A Companion

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a lot of Animal Companions in the game whether by feeding the Animals to unlock them as Companions or by completing particular quests to unlock special Companions. Players can feed random animals in all the biomes and if you feed them their favorite food, they unlock as your Companions. One of the companions that you can unlock in the game is Fox.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Fox your companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Making Fox A Companion

Every Critter in the game has its own designated biome and Foxes are only found in the Frosted Heights biome. Frosted Heights biome is one of the late-game biomes that players will get to unlock as they complete the main story quests of the characters. The path to Frosted Heights will be blocked by Large Night Thorns and in order to remove them, you will have to use 10,000 Dreamlight at any entrance of the Frosted Heights biome. You can only reach the Frosted Heights biome through the Forest of Valor biome so, make sure you unlocked that as well.

Once you have unlocked Frosted Heights, you will find different colors of Foxes in the biome. There are different colors of Foxes that will spawn on their schedule but the method of making them a companion is the same. You can follow the following steps to make Fox a Companion.

  • Go to Frosted Heights.
  • Go near the Fox and you will have to chase it three to four times.
  • When they stop running, approach them by pressing the E button and then offer it a White Sturgeon.
  • White Sturgeon is the favorite food of foxes. You can find White Sturgeon by fishing inside the golden circles in the water in the Frosted Heights biome.
  • After the fox has eaten White Sturgeon, it will drop an item for you. Obtain the item on the ground and the Fox will become your companion.

Once the Fox started following you, it will officially become your companion and you will also be able to see it in the Companion tab of Wardrobe. If you want to make all colors of Foxes your companion then you can find them on the following day & at any time.

  • Black — Sunday 12 pm-12 am, Tuesday all day, Wednesday all day, Saturday all-day
  • White — Sunday 12 pm-12 am, Monday all day, Thursday all day, Saturday all-day
  • Classic (orange) — Sunday 12 am-12 pm, Monday all day, Wednesday all day, Friday all-day
  • Blue — Sunday 12 am-12 pm, Tuesday all day, Thursday all day, Friday all-day
  • Red — Saturday, 2am-8am

Red Fox is the rarest of all the Foxes in the Game.

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