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Sailing Era: How to Repair Ship



Sailing Era: How to Repair Ship

Sailing Era is a Strategy game in which players will get to discover lands and ports of different regions of the Sea. Players will have to explore the Great Sea to find lands and complete side quests of the NPCs to expand their character’s fleet. As the Great Sea is extremely big, it will take a lot of time to get from one land/port to another land/port. Staying in the water for a long time will engage pirates in the area and you can get attacked very easily. Defeating the pirates take a lot of supplies and power from the Ship so, you will have to repair your ship before continuing your journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Repair a Ship in Sailing Era.

Repairing Ship

Repairing a Ship is very important in Sailing Era because you cannot get to discover new areas without much health of your ship. As players go deep into the sea while moving toward the new regions, they will have to go through the storm.

Storms are dangerous and it consumes the supplies a lot faster as well as slowly damage your ship. If you run out of supplies in the storm, you will have to dock quickly or you will lose the sailors and you will have to restart your game from the last checkpoint.

Staying in the water for a long time will engage the pirates and fighting the pirates will damage your ship that you must repair before sailing to another adventure. To repair your ship, you need to dock at any Port. However, there are different ports in the game. Some Ports are bigger and they have more options related to the ships and restocking. Some Ports are small and they only provide the service of the stores through which players can buy and sell goods.

You need to go to the bigger ports and access the Shipyard option. The Shipyard option of the Port will grant you access to the services of the Ships. The Shipyard has the service of Repairing the Ship so, select the Repair Ship option to repair the ship according to the damage.

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