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Does We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip Supports Split Screen?



We Were Here Expeditions - Split Screen

We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip is the latest addition to the We Were Here series by Total Mayhem Games. The series itself is popular for the great cooperative online experience and the latest installment is nothing different. There are some distinctions between the previous titles and the latest one as it isn’t a sequel to the previous title instead it only focuses on a small plotline, Friendship. The game itself is not long as well and players can easily earn trophies in a couple of hours.

However, one of the main questions that the majority of people asked was does it supports Split Screen and the answer to that is, NO! Like the previous titles in the We Were Here Series, We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip only supports Online Co-op and not Local Co-op. The online co-op allows two players to connect in a single lobby and allows them to select between Player 1 and Player 2 which directs them to the POV of the selected player number.

So, unfortunately, there is no Split Screen due to no local co-op in the latest installment to the series as well but who knows, they might add a local co-op feature in the future allowing players to have fun by sitting next to each other.

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