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We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip – Welcome Aboard (Gold Ticket Puzzle) Guide



gold ticket puzzle

The new free game in the We Were Here series from Total Mayhem Games is a treat for players who love the We Were Here game series. The premise of We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip is similar to the original games, and players will be tested throughout the adventure in Heart Isle. The very first test they will have to pass is to get access to the FriendShip by solving the Gold Ticket Puzzle at the start.

We will be going through all the steps to complete the Gold Ticket Puzzle in We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip.

Get Access to the FriendShip

To simplify the puzzle, we will denote both players as Player A and Player B.

First, players will have to get access to the FriendShip. To do so, one of the players has to rotate the lever to open the door for the other player. To do this, both players need to go to the right side of the area, where one of the players needs to interact with the fence to pull it so the other player can enter.

Now, the player who enters through the fence is Player A, and the other player is Player B. Player A needs to interact with the wheel and hold it until the other player crosses the gate. Both players need to progress ahead until Player A enters the Gift Shop and Player B enters a room with a ticket machine.

The Solution to the Gold Ticket Puzzle

Follow the following steps to solve the Gold Ticket puzzle:

  1. Player A needs to enter the Staff Only room of the Gift Shop to see solutions to get different kinds of Tickets. However, the only solution available will be the Gold Ticket.
  2. Player A needs to communicate the solution shown above the Gold Ticket Board to Player B.
  3. The solution to get the ticket is represented in diagrams that Player A needs to convey to Player B, and Player B needs to use the machine to perform the actions in the correct order.
We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip – Welcome Aboard (Gold Ticket Puzzle) Guide

The actions will be random for every player, so the order that we got was the following:

  • Pull Lever
  • Slider
  • Circle Button
  • Pentagon Button
  • Wheel
We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip – Welcome Aboard (Gold Ticket Puzzle) Guide

Make sure that Player A is communicating the correct actions in the correct order to Player B so that Player B can perform all the actions correctly to retrieve the Gold Ticket from the machine. Once Player B has gotten the ticket, they need to place it in the Gold Ticket counter, and the puzzle will be completed.

The gates will open for both players, and a boat will arrive, which players need to board to go ahead. The boat will take players to their next test, Crewmate Carousel.

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