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Lies of P: All Stats, Explained



All Stats

Lies of P offers several Attribute Points known as stats which can be used for creating a certain playstyle/build for your character. Every attribute has a certain outcome that is crucial for the players to understand before they start leveling up their character in certain Attribute Points.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining all the stats in Lies of P so, you can have a better understanding of which attribute point could be helpful for you in your adventure.

All Stats in Lies of P

There is a total of 6 Stats in Lies of P in which players can level up their character by spending Ergo. For you to level up your character for a certain build to make use of your weapon, you will have to know in what stats to put points in. All the stats and what they offer are explained below.

  • Vitality: Vitality is used to increase the Maximum HP of your character and the amount of Guard Regain along with other defenses. Guard Regain is the amount of HP that you restore by hitting the enemy after blocking their attack.
  • Vigor: Vigor is used to increase the Maximum Stamina of your character along with other defenses. As every attack and dodge consumes a certain amount of stamina, it is best to have high stamina to tackle your enemies.
  • Capacity: Capacity is used to increase your overall weight limit and stats for your Legion Arm to use abilities efficiently. If you are carrying more weight than you can carry, your character will dodge slowly which can cause you to take damage by enemies.
  • Motivity: Motivity is the strength that allows you to use heavy weapons like Greatswords. Increasing Motivity allows you to increase the attack power of the weapons that scale with Motivity.
  • Technique: Technique is the dexterity that allows you to dodge more quickly and allow players to have more fighting room with enemies. Increasing Technique allows you to increase the attack power of the weapons that scale with Technique.
  • Advance: Advance is used to increase the stats of your Legion Arm abilities and weapons. Increasing Advance allows you to increase the attack power of the Legion Arm abilities and weapons that scale with Advance.

So, the next time you visit Sophia to level up, make sure to see what weapon you are using to upscale your weapon to increase the potential of the weapon along with other defenses. If you are using a Heavy Weapon, then we recommend leveling up Vigor to increase Stamina because heavy weapon consumes more stamina than Dexterity and Balanced weapons.

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