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Lies of P: How to Repair Weapons



Lies of P: Repair Weapons

Lies of P is the latest Souls-like game with a similar control scheme and mechanics as the Souls-like games including some unique mechanics as well. One of the unique mechanics in Lies of P is the durability of the weapons. If you are not careful about the durability of the weapon that you are using, you might lose it so it is best to repair it whenever you can.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to repair weapons in Lies of P.

How to Repair Weapons in Lies of P

The weapon durability is one of the crucial mechanics in Lies of P that players should consider as one of the important ones. The way the durability of a weapon works is that a weapon loses its durability upon usage. Whether you are hitting the enemies or blocking oncoming attacks with the weapon, the weapon will lose a certain amount of durability on each hit or block. You can see the weapon’s durability bar in the bottom right of the screen above the weapon’s icon.

Fortunately, the weapons can be repaired easily in Lies of P to replenish the durability of the weapon. From the beginning of the where you get to choose your starting weapon, you will get an item named “Grinder” in your lower belt slot. The grinder is a tool that is only used to repair the durability of the weapons. To repair your weapon with low durability, you need to press Down on the D-Pad and then hold the Square/X Button on the controller until the weapon’s durability is fully replenished.

You can use the Grinder tool at any time even during the fights. However, if you don’t repair your weapons and the durability of the weapon reaches 0, the weapon will break which cannot be repaired with the Grinder Tool. You will have to rest at the Stargazer to repair your broken weapon. Since Stargazers are far from each other, it can be a nightmare for you to reach the next Stargazer but you can always fast-travel to the last visited Stargazer to save yourself from dying.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the durability bar especially, in the boss fights to not break your weapon in the middle of the fight.

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