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Lies of P: How to Defeat Parade Master



Lies of P: Parade Master

Parade Master is the very boss in Lies of P that players will get to encounter at the end of the Prologue of the chapter. The players must defeat Parade Master because it is the only way to reach Hotel Krat which is the main objective at the start of the game.

Now, Parade Master can be a difficult boss for the new players but if you are familiar with the Bloodborne dashing mechanics it will be a cakewalk for you. Worry not, if you are a new player to the Souls-like games because in this guide we’ll be telling you some strategies that will help you take out the Parade Master boss.

How to Defeat Parade Master in Lies of P

The best weapon to defeat Parade Master is the Rapier. If you have selected Rapier as your starting weapon in Lies of P, you will be able to defeat it without even sweating if you figure out when to attack and when to deal the most damage to it. However, if you selected the Greatsword as your weapon, you might struggle with this boss because it requires stamina to dodge out of the way and the Greatsword just consumes the shole Stamina Bar in two heavy attacks. But you can still follow our strategy to defeat this boss regardless of your weapon choice at the start.

The Parade Master is a two-phase boss and you need to tackle each phase with a certain strategy that we explain below.

Parade Master Phase 1

The attacks of the Parade Master in Phase 1 that you need to dodge every time are the following.

  • Lunge: Parade Master will lunge towards you. Dash to the left side of Parade Master to get behind it and hit with a Heavy Attack and Dash back. If you are using the Rapier, your movement will be smoother due to low stamina consumption but if you are using the Greatsword, you can use the light attack and use the remaining stamina to dash back.
  • Left-Hand Punch: Same thing as Lunge attack, dash to the left side and hit it with a heavy or light attack depending on the weapon.
  • Both-Hands Punch: Simply dash back. If you try to dash to either side, you can get caught with the arc of his arms and take damage from it.
  • Belly Drop: As the Parade Master does the Belly Drop, stay near it because it is the key moment to deal maximum damage. While he is dropping, dash to the side and hit it with a couple of heavy attacks and a light attack. With the Greatsword, do Heavy Attack for two times.

Rinse and repeat the fighting technique until you deplete its HP to 60% – 50% to start the second phase of the fight.

Parade Master Phase 2

The Parade Master will be more aggressive in Phase 2 and the best way to deal damage is by staying close to it, dodging every attack, and hitting it every one or two times between the attacks. The attacks will be the same as the first phase apart from the Swing Attacks that you can easily dodge by dashing to the right side and then to the left side immediately. You need to keep landing light attacks on Parade Master and wait for it to do the Belly Drop attack. Once it does, you need to hit it with everything you got.

Now, this strategy is easier for the players with a Rapier weapon instead of a Greatsword weapon because with continuous dodging and attacking with Greatsword, you won’t be left with any stamina to get away from the attacks of Parade Master in time. What you can do is repeat the same strategy as Phase 1 to deal minimal damage until it does a Belly Drop attack to defeat Parade Master.

Parade Master Boss Drop

Defeating Parade Master Boss will drop the following items.

  • 1,852 Ergo
  • Parade Leader’s Ergo (An Ergo Fragment containing 5,000 Ergo)
  • Quartz

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