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Lies of P: How to Fast Travel



Lies of P: Fast Travel

The world in Lies of P is unforgiving and filled with deadly robots and creatures who can be difficult to get across especially, when you are low on health. Fortunately, there is a Fast Travel in Lies of P that players can use to backtrack in the unlocked areas without fighting the fallen enemies over and over. However, this is one of the mechanics that players have to use quite often in their gameplay, so players should learn how to fast travel in the world of Lies of P.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Fast Travel in Lies of P.

How to Fast Travel in Lies of P

Fast Travel can be done by accessing the Stargazer checkpoints. The Stargazer checkpoints are used to restore the HP, remove all effects of the character, and revive all of the enemies. Early in the game, a few Stargazer checkpoints can be used for leveling up the character but once players have reached Hotel Krat, the Stargazer checkpoints will start to work as Fast Travel Points. To fast travel in Lies of P, players need to interact with the Stargazer and select the “Teleport to another Stargazer”. It will unlock the Fast Travel menu through which players can see all the activated Stargazer Checkpoints and by selecting any one of them, players will fast travel to the selected Stargazer area.

However, there is another way to Fast Travel in Lies of P but it can take you to the recently visited Stargazer or straight back to Hotel Krat, and the fun thing is that it can be done from anywhere. It does not require you to go to Stargazer or be near anything and the only thing required is Moonphase Pocket Watch. The Moonphase Pocket Watch is given to players by Sophia for talking to her for the first time and players can use the watch at any time from their inventory or quick slots to teleport to Hotel Krat or recently visited Stargazer.

Since players need to go back to Hotel Krat to either Level Up their character or Upgrade their Weapon, the players need to keep the Moonphase Pocket Watch in the quick inventory to use it whenever needed.

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