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Wandering Sword: How to Level Up Weapon Attacks



Wandering Sword: How to Level Up Weapon Attacks

Leveling up your weapon attacks is an essential mechanic in Wandering Sword that allows you to deal more damage to opponents. Enemies get tougher as you progress in the game, so it is crucial to level up your weapon attacks to increase your chances of being victorious in each combat scenario.

This guide will assist you in how to level up your weapon attacks in Wandering Sword.

How to Level Up Weapon Attacks in Wandering Sword

As you progress through the tutorial of the game and make your way ahead in the main storyline, you will be given a choice of selecting a weapon for your character. There are five different weapon types in Wandering Sword from which you can select any one at the start. But as you progress further, you can switch between the weapons in combat to tackle the enemies accordingly. Each weapon has four moves in total, which you will unlock by progressing into the game and consulting with various NPCs found around the world map.

To level up your weapon attacks, you need to select the Martial Arts Book located at the top right of the screen. By selecting the Martial Arts Book, you will see all Weapon Attacks along with Lightness Skill and Cultivation Method, which are permanent to your character. So, there are a total of six moves in total that you can use in combat to become victorious. Each weapon attack can be seen in the respective tab of the move, and to level up each one, you will need Martial Points. Martial Points can be earned at the end of every combat sequence and Sparring Session.

By having a decent number of Martial Points, you will be able to level up the Weapon Attacks by selecting the respective move tab and then selecting the “Upgrade” option. Each Level will cost a certain number of Martial Points, and a higher level of Weapon Attacks will cost more Martial Points. It is easier to level up all the Weapon Attacks to 4-5 Level with a few hundred Martial Points.

Wandering Sword: How to Level Up Weapon Attacks

Apart from spending the Martial Points on Weapon Attacks, upgrade the Cultivation Method as well to earn Meridian Points, which will help you increase the overall stats of your character, which also helps in surviving the difficult fights.

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