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Wandering Sword: How to Increase Characters’ Affinity, Explained



Wandering Sword: How to Increase Characters' Affinity, Explained

Affinity is a unique mechanic in Wandering Sword that offers various benefits to the main character. As the name suggests, it represents affection towards other characters, which can reward your character with new abilities, the opportunity for sparring sessions with these characters, and the ability to invite them to join your party. However, all characters start with 0 Affinity points, which players must increase before reaping these benefits.

If you’re eager to learn how to boost the Affinity Points of characters in Wandering Sword, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you understand the method to increase the Affinity of other characters in Wandering Sword.

How to Increase Affinity

Characters’ Affinity can be increased by giving them their preferred gifts. However, some characters have prerequisite conditions that must be fulfilled before you can gift them to enhance their Affinity. These prerequisites often involve completing side quests to demonstrate your strength and prove that you are worth their time. Once you’ve completed their side quests, you can increase their Affinity by a certain number of points.

To significantly boost their Affinity, you’ll need to gift them their preferred items. To find out what they like, interact with the character and select the “Observe” option. This will open the character’s Observe menu, displaying their stats along with their preferences under the “Introduction” heading. If the character favors weapons or consumables, you can raise their Affinity by gifting them any type of weapon or consumable from your inventory.

To gift preferred items to the characters, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Observe Menu of the characters by interacting with them.
  2. Select the “Gift” option at the bottom of the Observe menu.
  3. Choose the respective preferred items from your inventory and give them to the NPC. The preferred items will be marked with a Heart Icon in the top left corner.

To maximize their Affinity and unlock all interactions with them, it’s important to gift NPCs regularly.

Wandering Sword: How to Increase Characters' Affinity, Explained

All Interactions

Giving preferred gifts to the characters will rapidly increase their Affinity and unlock more interactions with them, such as Spar, Consult, and Invite.

  • Spar: Spar is the first interaction that becomes available when you increase Affinity to 20. Sparring Sessions allow you to earn rewards from the characters in return.
  • Consult: Consult enables you to learn new abilities from certain characters. Some characters can be consulted with low Affinity, while others will require a higher Affinity level.
  • Invite: The Invite interaction lets you bring the character into your party. You’ll need to increase Affinity to 60 before you can invite them. However, be aware that some characters cannot be invited, regardless of their Affinity Points.

Unlocking all the interactions with NPCs will yield various rewards and make challenging battles more manageable. Therefore, ensure you increase the Affinity of the characters from whom you want to learn new abilities or recruit them to your party for the adventure ahead.

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