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Wandering Sword: How to Invite Characters to Your Party



Wandering Sword: How to Invite Characters to Your Party

Inviting characters to your party is one of the essential mechanics in the game that players must understand and learn from the beginning. Since combat in Wandering Sword is turn-based with a time-based element, opponents can strike multiple times in a single turn, just as you can. However, tackling your journey alone against multiple opponents can be quite challenging. The only way to effectively counter multiple enemies is by having more characters in your party, preferably at least two.

If you’re wondering how to invite characters to your party in Wandering Sword, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will assist you in understanding how to invite various characters to join your party for your adventure in Wandering Sword.

How to Invite Characters to Your Party

To invite characters to your party in Wandering Sword, follow these steps:

  1. Approach the characters who are interested in embarking on a journey with you and interact with them.
  2. Select the “Observe” option under the chat menu.
  3. Choose the “Invite” option located at the bottom of the observe menu.

It’s a straightforward method to invite characters to your party; however, there is a requirement that you must fulfill before being able to invite characters. When you open the Observe menu by interacting with the character, it will display all of their statistics, including their affinity (represented by a Heart Icon). Affinity signifies the character’s affection, and they will not agree to join you until they believe you are worthy of their time and trust.

The required affinity for characters to join your party is 60. Initially, all characters will have an affinity of 0 when you first encounter them. To unlock the invite option for a character, you must increase their affinity. This can be achieved by giving meaningful gifts to the characters. Once their affinity reaches 60, the invite option will become available, allowing you to recruit them to your party.

Wandering Sword: How to Invite Characters to Your Party

Keep in mind that not all characters you encounter in Wandering Sword are recruitable. The characters willing to join your cause and displaying a tiger symbol next to their name are the ones you can recruit by raising their affinity points. Be sure to be on the lookout for these NPCs when visiting villages and towns during your playthrough.

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