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Wandering Sword: How to Spar



Wandering Sword: How to Spar

Spar is one of the essential mechanics for learning and mastering your weapon moves in Wandering Sword. Since there are multiple ways to attack your opponents, sparring allows you to practice these moves, providing a good idea of the damage you will inflict on your actual opponents during fights. Furthermore, aside from honing your skills, sparring can also yield valuable rewards to aid you in your adventure. This guide aims to assist you in understanding how to spar with NPCs in Wandering Sword in order to earn rewards.

How to Spar with NPCs in Wandering Sword

Spar is one of the interactions that you can unlock with various NPCs in Wandering Sword. To engage in a Sparring Session with an NPC, you must first unlock the Spar interaction with them. Unlocking the Spar interaction necessitates achieving a 20-point Affinity level with the NPC in relation to your character. Initially, every NPC will have an Affinity of 0 with your character, but you can increase it by giving them items that they favor. Once their Affinity reaches 20 with your character, follow these steps to commence a Sparring Session with an NPC:

  1. Interact with the NPC and choose the “Observe” option under the Chat menu.
  2. With an Affinity level of 20, you will be able to select the “Spar” option at the bottom of the Observe menu to initiate the sparring session.

The sparring session closely resembles combat, where you must employ your attacks to defeat the NPC. Emerging victorious in a Sparring Session against an NPC will reward you with Martial Points, which are used to level up your weapon attacks and cultivation methods. Additionally, there is also an item reward, but its acquisition is contingent upon a drop rate percentage.

Wandering Sword: How to Spar

At 20 Affinity, the drop rate for the item reward is set at 50%, with the rate increasing by 1% for each additional point of Affinity. This means that if you elevate the Affinity of an NPC to 70, the drop rate of the item reward will reach 100%, ensuring you receive an item from their inventory every time you win a sparring session with them.

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