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Lies of P: How to Level Up



Lies of P: Level Up

Lies of P is a new Souls-like game with similar mechanics to Souls’ games. The world is filled with robotic and cruel creatures who tend to stop you on your journey. Throughout your gameplay, you have to level up your character in available stats to strengthen your character to make the journey more doable.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up in Lies of P.

How to Level Up in Lies of P

If you are familiar with souls-like games, then you will find leveling up mechanics no difficult. However, if you are new to the genre then you need to understand certain mechanics to level up your character. Every enemy that you kill will reward you with Ergo. Ergo is the primary currency in the game that is used to level up your attribute points in 6 different stats as well as used to buy items, weapons, and consumables from merchants scattered throughout the world. Once you have a substantial amount of Ergo, follow the following steps to level up your character.

  • Find and activate a Stargazer.
  • Interact with the Stargazer and select the Level Up option.
  • Select the stats in which you want to level up and press the confirmation button to level up the character in the selected stats.

The Stargazer is like a grace in Elden Ring where you can rest to Level Up your character or access storage to sort items in your inventory. The starting level-ups will be cheap and you will be able to level up your character 3 – 4 times with a couple thousand of Ergo. However, as you level up further, the level-ups will get expensive for which you will have to farm more Ergo by killing enemies.  

However, leveling up using Stargazer can be done until the first major boss of the game. After you have defeated the boss and entered Hotel Krat, you will meet Sophia who will become your Level Up NPC. She will give you the Pocket Watch item that can be used to teleport to Hotel Krat where you will be able to talk to Sophia to Level Up.

It is essential for players to know in what attribute they want to level up their character to increase the potential of the character. For which they must know what every stat does in Lies of P.

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