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Lies of P: Which Starting Weapon Should You Pick



Lies of P: Starting Weapon

The new Souls-like game, Lies of P has several Souls game formulas that most of the players will find familiar, and one of them is choosing your starting weapon. Similar to other Souls games, the starting weapons are designed with certain stats and abilities that determine the starting build for your character. You can level up the stats of your Puppet with the build that you like but choosing the weapon will give you the starting stats in a certain category of the build.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which starting weapon should you pick in Lies of P.

Best Starting Weapon in Lies of P

There are three different weapons for you to choose from at the start of the game. Each weapon has its certain stats and abilities which allows you to choose a certain path.

  • Path of the Cricket: Balance – Saber Weapon
  • Path of the Bastard: Dexterity – Rapier Weapon
  • Path of the Sweeper: Strength – Greatsword Weapon

Among the three different paths and weapons, the best weapon is the Rapier due to its faster hitting points and ability to create space between foes and the character. Rapier scales with Technique stat which is the Dexterity stat in souls’ games. With the Technique, you hit a lot faster with your weapon with the ability to stagger enemies a lot quicker. Instead of blocking the enemies’ attacks, you need to focus on parry/dodge to take out enemies with the Rapier weapon.

If you love Dexterity builds in the souls-like games, then Rapier is the best weapon for your earlier hours of Lies of P. You will be staggering the normal enemies in a few hits and they will not stand a chance against you. However, for the larger foes or bosses, you will have to focus on more dodging/parrying to stagger them often with fast-hitting attacks. If you level up the Technique and Advance stats of your character, you will increase the attack damage of the weapon along with the ability to infuse the weapon with different elemental effects.

The Greatsword is also a great choice especially, for the players who love hard-hitting weapons to deal maximum amount of damage. It has the highest damage of all the other weapons but it is the slowest one. It scales with the Motivity Stat which is the Strength in the Souls-like games. The Saber is a balanced weapon that scales with Motivity and Technique. If you are a player who wants to experience the adventure in a default state and is completely left to your decisions in building your character then Saber is the starting weapon for you.

Despite the choice at the start of the game, you will be able to buy the other two starting weapons from the very first merchant that you meet while traveling to Hotel Krat. So, if you think that you want to try another starting weapon then you can buy the weapon to see if the playstyle suits your taste.

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