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Lies of P: How to Upgrade Weapons



Lies of P: Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading Weapons is one of the crucial features in Lies of P that players should consider doing whenever they get the chance and have proper requirements for the upgrade. As the world is filled with deadly robots and cruel creatures, players have to upgrade their favorite weapons to deal more damage to them to increase their survival chances.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade weapons in Lies of P.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Lies of P

The weapons upgrade feature will be available to players once they have defeated the Parade Master boss and reached Hotel Krat. By reaching Hotel Krat, it will complete the prologue chapter of the game and give access to different vendors inside Hotel Krat which can be of great help to players. To upgrade the weapons, players will have to visit Eugenie who can be found at the right side of the Hotel Lobby.

Players need to talk to Eugenie and select the “Upgrade Weapon” option to start upgrading the weapon. Each weapon upgrade will require a certain amount of Ergo and Hidden Moonstone and every weapon can be upgraded to +10. The special weapons require additional materials along with Ergo and Hidden Moonstone for upgrade. Select the weapon from the weapons menu that you like to upgrade and press the X/A Button on the controller. Accept the confirmation for upgrading the weapon to apply the upgrade on the weapon.

Eugenie is a Weapons Master who also offers you services like altering the Handle and Assembling Weapons. You can visit her whenever you want to get an upgrade for your weapon by fast traveling to Hotel Krat. Make sure to pick up the Hidden Moonstones by exploring the areas as they will be an essential requirement for your weapon upgrade along with Ergo.

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